SafeSend Returns® for Your Income Taxes

File your returns faster, easier, and safer!

We are proud to offer our clients a hassle-free way to receive and review income tax returns, as well as e-sign required e-filing forms—right from your computer, tablet, or smart phone!

Using the innovative technology of SafeSend Returns, the process of filing your tax return is user-friendly and highly secure!


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  1. Receive an email from
  2. Click the safe link, request access code, and enter access code received via email or text (if available) to access your return.
  3. Answer identity verification questions to review and complete your return.
  4. Electronically sign and return your e-file authorization form (8879).
  5. Electronically pay tax payments.
  6. Download, print, or securely send your tax return to a third party.
  7. Store your return for up to 7 years.