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We at Hacker Nelson & Co. are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible. From construction companies to health care providers and every industry in between, our staff is well-equipped to assist your business in meeting your accounting needs.

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The agricultural industry is often a family affair reaching back generations. With ever-changing markets and unpredictable weather, there are no shortage of challenges. Many members of our staff grew up on or around a farm and a few are actively engaged in farming currently which gives us a first-hand understanding of the needs of our agribusiness clients. We as a firm strive to reduce the stress of those in agribusiness by assisting in any way we can. Whether it be a projection for next tax season, inheritance planning for the future, or simply offering financial advice, our staff has the expertise and understanding to tackle the needs of our clients.

In light of the state of the economy and evolving regulations, the accounting needs of construction and real estate companies have become increasingly complex. At Hacker Nelson, we do our best to guide contractors, real estate developers, and property managers through economic up and downturns to make the best decisions for them financially now and for years into the future.

Governmental agencies have a variety of financial and reporting requirements they must meet, but they also must ensure they are fulfilling their duties to the communities in which they serve. At Hacker Nelson & Co., we have decades of experience serving the needs of local governmental entities so that they might focus on the responsibilities they have to the public. Whether it be a full-scale audit or specified agreed-upon-procedures, we have the know-how to navigate the complexities of governmental accounting and help our local governments to meet their various reporting requirements.

Those operating in healthcare fields deserve nothing but the utmost respect for the dedication they have to helping improve the livelihood of those they serve. For our healthcare clients, we aim to show our appreciation by providing them with our accounting expertise so that they can focus on helping their patrons. We at Hacker Nelson, & Co. can assist your practice through our consulting services beneficial to any stage of its lifecycle. Whether it be assisting with buy-in agreements for the new-starters, discussing ways to improve the value of your practice for those nearing retirement, or conducting business valuations for those looking to sell, we've got you covered.

The competitiveness of the market and rising costs of inputs poses many challenges to those in the manufacturing industry today making efficiency more important than ever. With so much to focus on already, we strive to take the weight of financial and tax planning of your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best. Our staff can assist you in determining the best tax entity for your business (whether it be an S- or C-corporation), consult on equipment acquisitions, and help with retirement planning for those looking to the future.

Nonprofit organizations have a profound impact on the communities in which they serve and the importance of having these organizations in our communities cannot be stressed enough. In Northeast Iowa alone, there are nonprofits that provide life-saving and life-changing services on a daily basis. Since these organizations are donor-funded and exempt from paying income tax, they have a fiduciary duty to fulfill their missions and meet requirements set by their contributors and governmental agencies. Hacker Nelson, & Co. has extensive experience working with nonprofits to meet these requirements so that they can focus on what is most important to them - helping others.

Having a strong retail presence is important for small towns, such as Decorah, and is a major reason for our community being nationally recognized as a destination location. Retail businesses provide us with new cuisine and drink to taste, the latest fashion trends to freshen up our wardrobes, supplies for our next craft project, and unique artwork and plant-life to decorate our homes. Whether it be something as simple as bookkeeping or more complex such as developing a growth strategy, we at Hacker Nelson, & Co. gladly extend our services to you and your business so that we might help you continue to operate and even thrive in your local economy.